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One Piece Wonder

Success! I finally found a swimsuit to wear! Halfway into summer, I couldn’t be any later to the game. Go me.

Ever since dedicating myself to this whole modesty standard, I’ve been faced with a big dilemma with going to the beach. And for a Southern Cali girl in the middle of summer, this was a big problem. It’s not that I do not own any swimwear; I’ve got a great selection of bikinis accumulated over the years (how could I not, especially after a one year stint in South Beach, FL?). Of course, none of those pieces were going to fly anymore. I have to tell you – this search hasn’t been easy. Not only did I want a one-piece – I also wanted it to look cute. And be affordable. And look cute.

I was eyeing a vintage-inspired polkadot number from J.Crew:

Cute, huh? But for a whopping $87, I just couldn’t justify it. After a couple months of failing to find similar but more affordable ones, though, I was ready to splurge on it….only to find out that none were left in my size. DOH!

But yesterday after a long day spent shopping with my mother (of all people!), at the very last store we went into, I finally found it:

Old Navy’s Women’s Polka-Dot Control Max Bandeau Swimsuit. And only for $32! It actually cost $40, but for some reason the salesgirl gave me 20% off. I think there is a coupon going around that I wasn’t aware of, and she was nice enough to apply it to my order. Not bad, for my limited budget (I would’ve liked for it to be cheaper…but what are you gonna do?). Old Navy has a massive sale going on right now to make room for their Fall line, and many of the swimwear are running for $15. However, this one has more of a control top (hence, its product name), and I won’t lie – I need that very much.

For more reading about the implications and effects of wearing a bikini, check out The Bikini Battle: Sexy vs. Beautiful. Jackie Francois wrote it so beautifully I didn’t feel the need to expand. J.Crew, Modcloth, and Ruche all have very cute modest swimwear, if you can afford it. I also recommend Rey Swimwear for modern vintage styles. Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?

Another find from yesterday is this pair of Lauren Conrad strappy sandals:

They were 70% off at Kohl’s, so I paid only $16.50. It’s rare to be able to find clearance shoes in my size (5 – 5.5), so these are amazing. Especially since my current pair of $10 sandals from two years ago are pretty tattered. I like these because they remind me of my sassy heels, sans the discomfort and added height.

OH, and a quick thanks to my friend David, who wrote a response to my Do Nothing reflection. He was inspired to stop by the beach in San Diego to take a timeout from the world. I spent my Sunday not away from the world, but with my momma. Wishing for some quietness right about now, though.

So, anyone found other cute modest swimwear out there? Additional recommendations are welcomed!


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  • http://restlesspilgrim.net Restless Pilgrim

    I never thought my name would be mentioned in an article about women’s swimwear…

    • admin

      LOL! Well now you can say it has been. A modest swimwear post, too.

  • Kat

    Love it! Been looking for an affordable suit like that for a while, too!
    –Kat K.

    • admin

      It’s no easy task, right?? But yeah, go to Old Navy right now! Maybe you’ll luck out too.

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  • Meredith

    Both swimsuits are adorable!! J. Crew always has the best one pieces. I have bought a couple one pieces from Old Navy before and they are great. A few other stores with cute one pieces and reasonably priced are: Delias, Target, and DownEast Outfitters. I have a entire board on Pinterest for one piecs (
    http://pinterest.com/alldressedup1/stylin-swimwear/) Lots of great sources there!


    • http://www.modthirtyone.com/ Anh

      Thanks, Meredith! I didn’t have much luck with Target, but I gotta check out the other places. And that’s a great board! I want so many of those…

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